Welcome to Chibeco Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited.


We strive to create value for our various stakeholders including our people, our community and shareholders. Ethics and sustainable practices are at the forefront of our business operations and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. Our employees, officers and management team are responsible for adhering to the highest levels of ethical conduct and our in-house compliance team is responsible for ensuring the Company adheres to governance and regulatory standards. At the core of our sustainability practice is our commitment to Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

HSSE is a key component of our culture. We carry out our operations in a manner that ensures the wellbeing of our people, our clients, subcontractors, the community and the environment. We have a shared commitment to HSSE and our people understand that ensuring the highest level of safety is everyone’s business and not just for management.

Our shared commitment to ensure the safety of our people and sustainability of the environment has led us to develop a HSSE policy to guarantee that our operations reflect this shared commitment. We carry out our operations in a manner that is respectful of the communities in which we operate.

Our shared commitment to compliance enables our HSSE professionals evaluate risks in a transparent manner and develop controls to eliminate or reduce those risks to acceptable levels.

It is a key component of our culture at CHIBECO OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED to execute all our activities in a manner that will ensure the health, safety and protection of our employees, clients, subcontractors, suppliers, communities and environment in which we work and live.

CHIBECO OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED will conduct its activities in a manner which, so far as is reasonably practicable, avoids disturbances to the environment and, if disturbances occur as a result of the Company's activities, the Company will initiate processes to restore the environment to its former standard. The Company shall

• Develop a positive HSSE culture throughout the Company via effective communication and training.
• Conduct and implement a risk assessment based approach in conducting business operations.
• Conduct its activities with due diligence to minimise any adverse effect on the environment, people and host communities.

Everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of their colleagues at work. Suitable programs and appropriate line action will be implemented and taken respectively towards the continual improvement of the Company’s HSE- Management System.

This policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability and improvement.

We regularly engage with the communities where the Company operates to contribute to developmental objectives and ensure capacity building. Our standard remains to ensure that our host communities feel the positive impact of our presence and that we make a positive impact for posterity.