Welcome to Chibeco Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited.


We place integrity and transparency at the forefront of our operations. We strive to maintain a high standard, which is portrayed in our consistency with the delivery of high quality products to maintain a legacy that has been built over the years in our operations as a leading Oil and Gas service company in Nigeria.

  • Trade, supply and marketing of petroleum products

    We are an oil and gas trading and supply Company. We market, supply and distribute petroleum products including Automotive Gas Oil [AGO], Marine Diesel Oil [MDO] as well as marine lubricants to our clients in various locations spanning across the African continent. Our products are of the highest standard and conform to industry and regulatory specifications.

  • We are able to supply over 10 million tons of petroleum products annually, using our various marine assets. Our marine assets which include The MV Mother Mary, MT Platform and inland barges are well maintained to ensure excellent service and prompt delivery. Our fleet comprises of the following:

    Vessel (Mother Mary) [814,000 Litres]
    Vessel (MT Platform) [2,881,148 Litres]
    Dumb Barge [700,000 Litres]
    Dumb Barge [1,300,000 Litres]
    Dumb Barge [1, 500,000 Litres]
    Dumb Barge [160,000 Litres]
    Tug Boat
    Tanker –Truck [33,000 Litres]
    Tanker –Truck [13,800] Litres
    Flying Boat [75 Horse Power]
  • We provide general maintenance and procurement services through our exclusive agreements and partnerships with developers and other reputable operators within the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. We are technically qualified to execute projects in any of the three major sectors of the oil and gas industry and we offer our services with the highest diligence, in line with health and safety standards and global best practices.

  • Our operational base is at the Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT), Onne, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The company also operates an administrative office from a 24,411.5 square meter facility at No. 4 Chibeco Avenue KM16 Port Harcourt/Aba Express way, Rivers State, Nigeria.